Computer Vision


Image Recognition & Object Detection

By utilizing advanced convolutional neural networks, we teach machines to recognize and categorize various objects in images. This technology is particularly beneficial for e-commerce and social media platforms, enhancing user experiences in sectors like retail, logistics, and the supply chain. 

By implementing multi-object detection, we provide sophisticated solutions for automatic image tagging, streamlining the process of identifying people and objects, thus adding value to customer interactions and operational efficiency.


Image Segmentation

Our approach to image segmentation unlocks new possibilities in computer vision, offering precise breakdowns for deeper image understanding. This technology is invaluable across sectors like healthcare for detailed medical imaging, retail for product classification, and security for enhanced surveillance.

It's also pivotal in autonomous vehicles and object tracking, enabling machines to interpret and react to visual data effectively, thus driving innovation and efficiency in tech-forward industries


Human Pose Estimation

Our sophisticated human pose estimation models enhance applications in various sectors, including crowd management, AR experiences, gaming, and robotics. These models accurately predict and track human movement, crucial for developing interactive AR coaches or enhancing gaming experiences. 

They also play a significant role in robotics, enabling more intuitive human-robot interactions. This technology is a game-changer in areas requiring precise human movement analysis, offering innovative solutions to meet the growing demands of tech-driven industries.


OCR & Data Capture

Today businesses from healthcare to e-commerce face a common challenge: managing vast amounts of paperwork. Our OCR & Data Capture solutions transform this burden into a strategic asset. We convert documents and images into organized, searchable data, freeing staff from manual entry and enhancing efficiency and accuracy. 

It's not just about speed; intelligent technology extracts the data you crave, from names and codes to IDs and intricate details. We conquer structured forms, handwritten notes, and complex layouts with ease, leaving you with a feast of clean, organized information ready to fuel your business growth. This streamlined process boosts operational efficiency, minimizes errors, and improves data accessibility, supporting better decision-making and reducing costs. With our OCR & Data Capture solutions, transform your business's approach to data management and unlock new levels of productivity and insight.

Computer-Vision-Image-Similarity Search

Image Similarity Search

Leveraging the power of image similarity search, we aid businesses in providing accurate product recommendations based on visual attributes like color, shape, and texture. This technology plays a crucial role in the big data era, helping businesses efficiently handle large volumes of unstructured data.

Our solutions focus on improving product matching, increasing ROI, and preventing cost overruns, thereby adding significant value to business operations. By implementing this technology, businesses can offer a more intuitive and satisfying shopping experience to their customers.


Generative Adversarial Network (GAN)

Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) are revolutionizing the fields of animation, entertainment, and visual content creation. They offer the ability to transform simple sketches into lifelike scenes, create unique character interpretations, and generate realistic or fantastical visuals from minimal inputs. GAN technology can enhance image quality, stylize visuals in diverse artistic forms, and execute transformative edits like age progression or thematic alterations. 

It's instrumental in generating conceptual art, designing imaginative characters, and visualizing textual descriptions into vivid images. This technology is a game-changer for industries that rely heavily on creative visual content, providing a tool to explore endless possibilities in digital artistry.


Brand Monitoring and Logo Detection

Our approach to logo detection and brand monitoring employs cutting-edge machine learning algorithms for precise identification and location of brand logos in images and video streams. We provide solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of organizations, ensuring effective real-time logo recognition and delivering detailed brand visibility analytics.

This service is crucial for businesses seeking to understand their brand presence in various media, enabling them to make informed marketing and branding decisions. Our technology streamlines the process, providing accurate and valuable insights into brand exposure.


Point Cloud Object Segmentation

Our team specializes in transforming point clouds into detailed 3D models, essential for applications in computer graphics, virtual reality, and communication. We provide tailored solutions to create lifelike, immersive 3D representations of physical environments quickly and efficiently. 

Our expertise in computer vision and infrastructure architecture ensures the generation of high-quality models, enhancing realism in various applications. This technology is pivotal for industries requiring precise and realistic 3D renderings, offering a seamless integration of the physical and digital worlds.


Our Technology Expertise

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How We Can Help

Validating Data

We check and analyze the data provided. And if needed, clean, and relabel it.

Design and Optimization

According to the client’s requirements, we can design and optimize the solution for the specific platforms and devices.

Developing an App

We develop solid computer vision-powered applications catered to your business’ specifics and needs

System Integration

We help integrate our solution into the client’s infrastructure and offer post production support.