Automated Data Capture & OCR Services


Character Recognition

Many businesses grapple with the hassle of manually processing invoices, forms, and other documents, which can lead to inefficiencies and errors. Our automated Character Recognition tackles this problem head-on. By digitizing and extracting data from various document types, including handwritten notes, our solution streamlines data management across industries. 

Whether in healthcare, logistics, or e-commerce, our service improves accuracy, speeds up processing, and integrates seamlessly into existing workflows. This automation not only enhances operational efficiency but also frees up valuable resources for more strategic tasks.


Feature Detection

Businesses across various sectors are swamped with a deluge of digital data. This overwhelming flow challenges industries like e-commerce, logistics, and healthcare to find meaningful insights amidst the chaos, transforming the data deluge into actionable intelligence. With our Feature Detection, buried insights become possibilities. We delve deeper than mere text recognition, dissecting each character into its fundamental components - lines, strokes, angles, and more. 

This granular understanding unlocks hidden details, transforming your data from a static snapshot into a dynamic, interactive story. From streamlining e-commerce to optimizing supply chains and revolutionizing logistics, Feature Detection empowers businesses to see beyond the surface of their data. It's not just about extracting information.


Optical Barcode Recognition

In today's competitive landscape, various industries, including retail, logistics, and manufacturing, face challenges with manual barcode scanning.Manual product code entry is not only prone to human error, but also a drain on precious resources. Our Optical Barcode Recognition (OBR) solution directly addresses this by offering a swift, automated solution. This powerful technology goes beyond simple barcode reading, automatically extracting product details like item numbers, sizes, colors, and more. 

It transforms the tedious manual process into an efficient, error-free operation, enhancing data accuracy and operational speed.This solution is designed for businesses looking to improve their product handling and inventory management, making it an essential tool for sectors reliant on precise and quick data processing.


Character Recognition on Raw Images

In diverse sectors such as healthcare, e-commerce, and public services, extracting accurate data from low-quality images presents a significant challenge. Our Character Recognition solution tackles this issue head-on by effectively processing images with poor illumination, low-quality prints, faded prints, or handwritten content. 

This solution streamlines data capture from challenging images, ensuring precise extraction and interpretation. While working with you closely our team provides you with a solution that automates your data capturing process, eliminates human error and gives you insights on previously inaccessible sources.


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How We Can Help

TransData Digital provides high-quality services for you to find, capture, and extract data automatically from unstructured documents and automate work processes


We extract the data from different data sources, transform your data and upload it

DWH and Visualization

We integrate and store your data and in a data ware house. Our team helps in visualing analytical data for your reporting and monitoring purposes

Data Prcessing Pipeline

Using AI, ML, and DS, our team conducts exploratory analysis (EDA) and kickstart feature engineering (FE), setting the stage for algorithm training.

Model Fitting and Validation

We train an AI model and chose the best fighting parameters. To prove its functionality, we validate the model.

Results Interpretation

We show you the results and explain the functionality of the model