Big Data and Cloud


Big Data Development Service

At TransData Digital, our Big Data Development and Consulting Services expertly utilize AWS and Azure to build robust data infrastructures. We focus on translating complex data into valuable insights by utilizing emerging technologies like Python Scientific and ML Stack. We handle a variety of data types, from textual to visual, employing tech stacks that include advanced databases, containerization, and web frameworks, tailoring solutions to specific data types and business needs. 

From data lakes to advanced analytics, we've demonstrated success across sectors by efficiently managing large-scale datasets.  Our approach transforms big data into actionable insights, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions for improved efficiency and innovation.


Modern Data Architecture

Delving into the complexities of modern data challenges, our services encompass sophisticated architecture solutions, focusing on advanced analytics and big data ecosystems. We leverage emerging technologies like Google Cloud Platform and Tableau for data analytics, visualization, and processing.

Our team crafts unique, insightful data strategies, enabling businesses to harness the full power of their data assets. Through meticulous data ecosystem implementation and innovative analytics process optimization, we unlock new growth avenues, optimize operational processes, and foster data-driven innovation across industries. Our approach not only modernizes data management but transforms it into a strategic business advantage.


Big Data Engineering

Enhancing business intelligence with our advanced Big Data Engineering services, we focus on creating tailored data ecosystems for diverse needs. Utilizing tools like AWS Lake Formation and Azure Data Factory, we ensure seamless data integration and management. Our expertise extends to building efficient data pipelines and automating workflows for better operational productivity. 

Our team excels in analytics optimization, transforming raw data into valuable insights for strategic decision-making. Our approach prioritizes data safety, scalability, and easy analytics, empowering every department with actionable intelligence. Trust in our proven capability to elevate your data architecture, streamlining processes, and unlocking new business opportunities.


Big Data Analytics

Leveraging the full potential of Big Data, we offer comprehensive analytics solutions to enhance business decision-making across various sectors like healthcare, finance, energy, and travel. Our services include patient triage optimization in healthcare, risk analytics in finance, and energy demand prediction in utilities. 

We focus on improving customer experiences and optimizing operational efficiency. By integrating advanced technologies, we provide predictive analytics, customer segmentation, and dynamic pricing strategies. Our Big Data solutions enable businesses to adapt rapidly, uncover new opportunities, reduce costs, and automate workflows, driving growth and innovation in a data-driven world.


Data Warehouse Consultancy

Elevate your strategic decision-making with our advanced data warehouse services. Specializing in data lake engineering, BI visualization, and modernization, we focus on enhancing performance and data quality across various industries. We focus on enhancing performance, data quality, and building a strong analytics foundation. 

Our tailored approach includes discovery, conceptualization, design, development, and maintenance, utilizing cutting-edge technologies. Our team transforms intuitive decision-making into data-driven governance, optimizing asset management and collaborative workflows. We ensure high-quality, informed decisions for enhanced business outcomes.


Business Intelligence Implementation

TransData Digital excels in implementing business intelligence (BI), offering comprehensive solutions that enhance decision-making processes. With a focus on BI consulting and complete solution development, including ETL processes and data quality assurance, we ensure effective data modeling and visualization. Our team specializes in Microsoft Power BI services, optimizing performance and reporting automation.

We cater to various industries, offering tailored strategies for marketing, financial planning, manufacturing, and logistics. Our process, from discovery to solution maintenance, is designed to streamline BI implementation, ultimately boosting business efficiency and decision-making accuracy.


Our Technology Expertise

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Our Expertise

Predictive Analytics in Retail:

Revolutionizing retail with our predictive analytics expertise. We delve deep into customer data, driving personalized shopping experiences and strategic inventory management. Our solutions foster customer loyalty and sales growth, showcasing our commitment to retail innovation.

Healthcare Data Insights

Specializing in healthcare, we harness big data to enhance patient care. Our analytics pinpoint health trends, improve diagnostics, and personalize treatment plans. We're dedicated to advancing healthcare through data-driven insights and innovative solutions.

Financial Risk Management

Expertise in financial risk analytics. We provide comprehensive solutions for risk assessment, fraud detection, and regulatory compliance. Our advanced data processing aids in safeguarding assets and ensuring financial stability, underscoring our role in fortifying the financial sector.