• Challenge

    Naylor contacted TransData to have a partnership to develop an easy-to-use modern job board platform. A platform that would facilitate various associations to generate NDR and can provide user-friendly features to improve the overall CX. The most challenging part was to deliver a user-centric job board platform that needs minimal to zero technical expertise.

  • Solution

    Create a job board platform for Naylor Association Solutions that is easy to browse, matches the existing branding theme, and has up-to-date design patterns.

Results 60% arrow Increase in Memberships

Branding Process

We understood the unique qualities of Naylor's offer after researching it and hearing from different people. Based on our analysis of others platforms' flaws, we identified opportunities to enhance user processes and provide a better experience for our clients.

Keeping in mind our client need that is an efficient solution to attract qualified prospects and better association members' careers, we first created the prototype:


Requirement Gathering

In this phase, we gathered all the relevant information that is required to start the project. As this was a portal so, after having a detailed meeting with the developers and client, we decided to use as our technological stack.

By this time, we've assigned the tasks to the respective professionals working in our team. Moreover, we also finalized the functionality that will be required to run the administrative tasks smoothly.



We assigned our tasks to a dedicated resource, which helped us deliver the end result on time and with high quality.

The Front-end team focused on creating an excellent user experience, and the back-end team managed the whole data while keeping the data security factor in mind. At last, our QC team reviewed each and every line of code to maintain a good quality code.



Testing and quality assurance QA engineers examined all of the code given and performed manual testing on the components built.

Setup of the portal

Following the completion of the development phase and after receiving satisfactory remarks from the QA team, we worked on the implementation of the portal.

To get a real-time experience, we asked our members to use the beta version of the portal and give us feedback. After having a deep analysis, we made enhancements that further improved the user experience