• Challenge

    Guidefi’s marketing executive contacted TransData to transform their vision of providing a competent financial advisor to every individual who wants to secure, grow and build their wealth while keeping privacy on the top into reality.

  • Solution

    Develop Android and iOS applications using these technologies, PHP, Laravel, Android, and iOS, and efficient resources in a very short time.

Results 1 million arrow Downloads in first year

App Layout Process

We know that it required a senior team of developers to make sure to get all key features and complete the task quickly. So, we worked on the drafts first. Here are the images of our first draft:

Requirement Gathering

Around half of the whole effort comprises gathering requirements correctly. After discussions with the team lead, we drafted thorough, precise, and easy-to-understand documentation.

Intending to eliminate future confusion, we divided up work between team members according to their areas of expertise and prior experience with projects of a similar nature.


We created web apps and mobile applications for both android and IOS by keeping branding in mind. We paid detailed attention to ensure that we would not compromise the user experience, responsiveness, and navigation.

Evaluation and quality control

Engineers specializing in quality assurance read over all the code produced and performed manual testing on the components one by one.

experienced team of It specialists

We began promoting the app on the Google play store and iCloud and got successful in passing the first stage of live user testing. Later, we consistently keep adding the features according to the feedback.