• Challenge

    Ayana's business development officer reached out to TransData to build a user-friendly application that allows convenient, flexible, and secure online communication. Their main concern was security and responsiveness on both android and iOS applications. They wanted to have smooth ongoing sessions between their therapists and users.

  • Solution

    Develop android and iOS applications using a cross-platform technology that enables marginalized communities to match with trained, licensed therapists based on their individual experiences.

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App Layout Process

After having a complete understanding of each step, we worked on the main elements that can make therapy sessions worthwhile. Not only this, we worked on the latest available technology to ensure secure transactions. Below are the images of our first prototype:


Requirement Gathering

Accurate requirement gathering refers to 50% of work done. After having meetings with the relevant team leader, we came up with detailed, to-the-point, and accurate documentation.

We assigned tasks to our team members based on their skill sets and experience on similar projects to avoid any ambiguity in the future.



As it was purely related to therapy, we tried our best to go with the orange and green theme, reflecting confidence and peace.

Evaluation and quality control

Quality assurance engineers looked over all of the code provided and carried out manual testing on the created components.


Launch of the apps

When we had completed the process of development and obtained the beta version of the applications, we started working on making the application available on the Google play store and iCloud.

After completing the demo theory sessions with live users, we asked for feedback and updated the features accordingly