• Challenge

    An executive contacted TransData to have a partnership to develop an online marketplace to reduce material costs and be more competitive in today’s big-box retailers. They asked us to build a store that can allow dealers to attend meetings and shows and spend time with other dealers.
    The most challenging part was to compete in the present noise of the marketplace.

  • Solution

    Create a competitive online marketplace by using and React for reducing material costs by avoiding major purchases through wholesalers and brokers.

Results 50% arrow Increase in Number of Vendors

Branding Process

We understood the distinctive qualities of ABS's offer after researching it and hearing from its creative department team. Based on their report and our analysis of their competitor's flaws, we identified opportunities to enhance the missing elements that can provide a better experience for the end user. Keeping in mind the research keynotes, we first worked on the drafts:


Requirement Gathering

During this stage, we compiled all the important data that is needed to live the store. After a lengthy discussion with the engineers and the customer, we settled on and React as the appropriate technology stack to make this store successful.

We have already delegated responsibilities to the appropriate experts on our team. In addition, we completed the features necessary to carry out the basic vendor duties effectively.


Design & Development

The platform's user interface was meant to provide comfort and an elegant feel while maintaining the brand theme. We designed the platform expecting that they would use it for years.

As a result, we settled on the green as the primary theme color. This shade is soothing to the eyes and shows peace and growth.



Testing and quality assurance QA engineers examined all of the code given and performed manual testing on the components built.


Setup of the portal

Once we finished the development process and got positive feedback from the quality assurance team, we started working on launching the store.

We had our members test out a pre-release version of the portal and provide us with input to help us improve it. After doing extensive research, we implemented changes that vastly enhanced the user experience.